Together Better Project




Holiday Arts & Crafts

Come and join a friendly group to prepare some festive arts and crafts before the end of the year for 5 weeks only.

  • Date: Every Thursday starting Thursday 23rd November for five weeks.
  • Time: 12.30pm (arrive from 12pm for a hot drink)
  • Location: Well Street Surgery
  • Register: Contact Toyin on 07360557036

Well Street Women's Health Group

A safe space for women to speak on various topics concerning their health from Menapause, Periods, Preganancy and more ...

  • Date: Every other Friday:
    24th November, Introduction
    1st & 15th December Menopause & Periods
    (Peer support, conversations & information)
  • Time: 1pm
  • Location: Well Street Surgery

If you're interested, please register with TOYIN


Activities at Well Street

Together Better is now at Well Street Surgery

Tea & Coffee Morning
Thursdays at 10:30am

Gardening Group
Thursdays at 12pm

Yoga with Marta
Fridays at 12pm

Crochet & Knitting Group
Thursdays at 12pm

Walking Group
Fridays at 10:45am

Women's Health Group alternative
Fridays at 1pm


Together Better Well Street - Who are we?

Together Better is a Volunteer Centre Hackney service that supports local communities through free patient-led activities at GP surgeries across City & Hackney.

I'm Toyin, your Together Better Engagement Care Coordinator

My role will be to support patients to participate or lead their own activities and support groups. As the weeks and months go by we hope that the programme will represent the needs and interests of the Well Street Surgery community.

A few examples of activities that can happen:

  • Weekly coffee mornings
  • Weekly health & fitness groups e.g. walking group, yoga, aerobics
  • Creative groups, e.g. Gardening, Crochet, Arts & Crafts etc.
  • Peer support groups e.g. a menopause, grief, parenting support + many more

If you would like to get involved or want to lead on a project, do get in touch, looking forward to meeting you.