Social Prescribing




Individuals will be offered an appointment with a Wellbeing Coordinator who will conduct an in-depth needs assessment and then facilitate activate participation in local community-based services, e.g. gardening groups, benefits advice, exercise groups, walking groups, volunteering, befriending and online services.

Eligibility criteria

  • Socially isolated and lonely
  • Frequent attenders to GP/A+E
  • Presenting with a social problem
  • Mild-moderate mental health problems
  • Keen to participate in non-clinical activities but not aware of what’s happening locally

image of a social prescriber



  • a threat to themselves or others
  • in a crisis situation
  • already has care plan in action from another organisation
  • any uncontrolled mental health issues or addictions
  • unsuitable for group related activities

Your wellbeing Coordinator Nurul Chowdhury will be at the surgery on Mondays. Patients can be booked by a GP or anyone else at the surgery. For more information please click here