Patient Participation Group Meeting Minutes




Meeting Date: 22nd February 2023 - 6:30pm

Location: Well Street Surgery and via Zoom

Chair and Minute Taker: Sherine Sallion (SS)

Attendees: Dr Anni Dong (AD), JL, MC, RM, PS, II

Welcome and Introductions

Ground Rules Explained

  • SS welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their time
  • SS addressed the ground rules below and how meetings will be conducted
    • The meetings are not a forum for complaints and single issues as there are existing procedures for supporting patients with these concerns
    • We advocate open, honest communication and challenge between individuals
    • We will be flexible, listen, ask for help and support others
    • We will demonstrate a commitment to delivering results as a group
    • Silence indicates agreement – speak up, but always go through the Chair
    • All views are valid and will be listened to – respect other’s views and don’t interrupt
    • The surgery will listen constructively to patients’ views and proposals and will respond explaining what action the surgery mayor will take. If no action can be taken, then the surgery will explain this
    • Patients take some responsibilities within the group
    • All communication issued by the PPG will first be agreed by the group – no communication about the group will be issued by individual member.
    • The Chair will keep the meeting focussed

Aims and Objectives of the PPG

SS explained that the aim and objective of this meeting is to get a team together who will support Well Street Surgery and assist in making and growing the surgery in a positive way. SS emphasised on the support that she as the Practice Manager will need to make this work.

Action: To be brought back to the agenda at the next meeting.


Terms of Reference

Explained. IR suggested the terms of reference be co-produced. The example shown to the group was an example produced by the Patients Association, edited to make it relevant to WSS.

SS raised that we will need to vote a chair and a vice chair in which we will like to address at the next meeting.

Action: To be added to agenda for next meeting.


Information from the GP Practice

AD updated the group on the new appointment system that we currently have in place. accuRx Triage system is in place, patients are encouraged to complete the online form which then comes to the surgery and access by a Duty Doctor.

Patients who find this hard to complete can speak to a member of the admin team who will assist and support them in getting this completed.

  • Question was raised around the waiting time for routine appointments AD summarised that if a patient is given an appointment that they feel they cannot wait, they can contact the surgery and inform the team or resubmitted an accuRx informing us of this.

Action: Booking system to be added to agenda for next meeting.


Suggestions and Comments from the PPG Patient Members

Appointment Booking Systems

AD addressed that the appointment booking system is work in progress – we are trying to find the best way to match capacity and demand.

Action: Appointment system to be added to next meeting agenda.

LGBT Awareness

  • Group will like the surgery to raise more awareness to the team and public. SS agreed to look into this and work with PPG team in raising awareness.
    • AD had received some messages from patients about having a water fountain in reception and about improving signage to the ramp outside the surgery.
    • Positive feedback from IR regarding extended access – having this option is very helpful for those with conventional working hours.
    • JL offered input into creating a video explaining the patient triage process/signposting in more detail to help patients navigate the current system.

Action: SS to work with PPG group on LGBT awareness in practice.


Election of Chair and Secretary

SS explored the views of everyone – re who may like to these roles. Sounded positive, we will address at the next meeting allowing everyone to think about the following positions.

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair

SS offered a minute taker from the surgery that can be considered.


  • Vote for Chair and Vice Cahir to be brought to agenda for next meeting.
  • Discussion on the offer of Minute from WSS to be discussed at next meeting.

Agree areas for discussion/involvement at next meeting

  • LGBT awareness
  • Appointment system
  • Meeting dates and time
  • Vote for Chair and Vice Chair
  • Minute Taker
  • Communication to be sent around of date and time for next meeting
  • Water Fountain to be addressed by WSS team in readiness for next meeting
  • Consider further the development of a video to aid patient journey
  • Ramp signage to be addressed by WSS team in readiness for next meeting