Patient Participation Group FAQ




What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group made up of GP Practice patients aged 16 years and over, carers of registered patients and members of the GP Practice staff. The aim of this group is to influence the way services are delivered by the Practice. If patients’ group holds meetings at the practice, it is also called the face-to-face PPG.


What is a Virtual Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

Some GP Practices have a Virtual Patient Participation Group. A Virtual PPG is online based group. It holds their meetings online using video conference platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or similar. GP practice may use both types: face-to-face and virtual meetings, to ensure that all patients have the opportunity to contribute to improvements to practice services. 


What do PPGs do?

  • Review patients’ surveys such as the Family and Friends Test. 
  • Listen to patients’ stories and views. 
  • Explore ideas and suggestions on how to improve patients’ experiences in the GP Practice. 
  • Discuss with GP Practice staff and agree on an action plan for service improvements.
  • Monitor the implementation of the service improvement action plan. 
  • Run small projects around patients’ education, health promotion, and improvements to GP Practice environment. 

What PPGs do not do?

A PPG meeting is not a forum to raise individual complaints. A PPG meeting is not a forum to seek medical advice. 


What happens at a PPG meeting?

A PPG meeting is attended by the Practice GP, Practice Manager and practice patients and carers. The meeting is managed by the Patient Chair or Practice Manager. The meeting follows an agenda. The meetings usually last around 1 ½ hours.