Following Dr Mann's departure we are no longer able to provide Osteopathy to our patients. Dr Mann has compiled a list of non-NHS Osteopathy options which you may find helpful. 


Some options for non-NHS Osteopathy treatment

I have provided medical Osteopathy as an NHS GP for patients at Well Street Surgery for ten years. I believe it is the most effective way to treat mechanical musculoskeletal
problems. I don’t currently work privately, but may do so in the future.

Osteopathy is available mostly in the private sector. Reduced fee schemes are available in some places, depending on your circumstances, and it is always worth asking if money is an issue. The following list of Osteopaths may be useful:


Teaching institution clinics (treatment usually by supervised students; reduced fees apply):

The above clinics operate only when courses are running at the various colleges and may be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.


General clinics (costs vary) are available for treatment at the above colleges, staffed by experienced tutors:

  • OAC – Osteopathic Association Clinic: at LCOM (see above). Dr Ghulam Adel and Ms Sonia Gogia.

Clinics also at BSO ad LSO; follow the above links.

  • Hoxton Health: St Leonards Hospital, Nuttall St, London N1 5LZ, t. 020 7739 2533.

Local ‘High Street’ Osteopaths:

There are other providers of Osteopathy and you may wish to research your own. Osteopaths vary in the type of and techniques of Osteopathy they provide. If your problem isn’t resolving, you might need to see your GP or/and another Osteopath.

Dr Nick Mann