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Antenatal Clinic

If you are pregnant you can self refer to the midwifes based at Homerton Hospital. We host a community clinic staffed by midwives from Homerton Hospital. If you prefer we can pass on your details to the midwives who will contact you directly with an appointment. You will be given your midwife's telephone number so that you can contact them throughout your pregnancy.

image of a baby


image of a baby being weighed

Baby Clinic 

Mothers and new babies will be offered an appointment with a GP together at 8 weeks after birth. This is part of routine child health checks and also an opportunity to get advice on matters such as breastfeeding and contraception, and for the baby to be weighed and to start immunisations with the Practice Nurse.

After the birth of a baby, an allocated health visitor will be in touch with you and explain their service in more detail. They will also be available for appointments for advice about babies and young children up to 5 years old at the surgery, at home or at the Ann Tayler Centre.

You can contact them direct for appointments on 0207 683 2634.

You can also find out more information about the Health Visiting Service at Homerton Health Visiting

The lead health visitor for the Well Street Surgery is Titilayo Babatunde.


Diabetic Clinic

Patients with diabetes are invited for a yearly review. We have a visiting Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Diabetes Dietician from the Homerton Diabetes Centre


Family Planning

Available to all patients by appointment with our Family Planning/Women’s Health Specialist Nurse Alison Clarke. Family Planning can also be discussed at any consultation.  


Substance Misuse Clinic

Patients with drug problems are seen in partnership with Turning Point (Hackney Recovery Service)


Anti-Coagulation Clinic

Our in-house Warfarin clinic is led by Dr Heyman.  Patients on Warfarin are seen regularly by trained nurses and healthcare assistants.


Family Action, Well Family Plus Service 

Rhonda Morton from Family Action's, Well Family Plus Service, sees people for short term emotional support and help for a range of problems, such as depression, benefits problems, bereavement etc. You need to be referred by your doctor.

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